About The Stapleton & Frenchay Ukrainian Refugee Support Network in Bristol, UK

In response to the current conflict in Ukraine, the Stapleton and Frenchay Ukrainian Refugee Support Network was established with the aim of organising accommodation in the areas of Stapleton and Frenchay for refugees who may arrive in Bristol having fled the conflict.

The network is small in scale and operated by volunteers. It is supported by the Holy Trinity Church, Stapleton, which has made available its church hall for meetings etc.


It is intended that the network will work with local authorities and agencies such as UK-based non-governmental organisations to secure temporary accommodation for people fleeing Ukraine. A vital part of the support network is to work with people within the local community who may be considering offering some type of accommodation.  If you live within these areas or nearby and would like to provide accommodation for refugees, please contact us.


For updated information, please visit this webpage or the Facebook page of Holy Trinity Church, Stapleton.

At present the Stapleton and Frenchay Ukrainian Refugee Support Network is not a registered charity.